Being the mother of Harry Potter fans and a HP fan myself, I wanted a list of Harry Potter spells to go along with the wands we made for the children’s fair. As usual, I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted.

I found one that had a great layout, but the image wasn’t good enough quality to download and print out directly from the page.


I found a list of complete list of spells from the book series at, but it wasn’t in a printable format:


So then I searched for a more “copy and paste”-friendly spells list and found this one at


Then I mashed them up. There were a few discrepancies and differences between the two lists and no consistent format for the spell descriptions, so I spent quite a while editing them for consistency, clarity, and visual appeal.

And I loved the look of the elder wand in the middle, so I grabbed that from an image search.


And voila:

Feel free to download the PDF if you’d like.